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Combining everyday home care and professional treatments results in more visible and longer-lasting results.

Home care products

Aesthetic treatments

Medical treatments

More visible and longer-lasting results

Home care

Home care products

Range of everyday skin and body care products for men and women. With these product lines, the end user has access to the professional effective properties of mesoestetic®. Each product forms part of a skin care regime offering cleansing, treatment and protection.

A good skin care regime is essential for obtaining the best possible results: the cleansing stage boosts the action of active ingredients on applying the treatment and protective properties prevent and control negative effects due to sun exposure.

Customizing my routine

Professional Care

Let a professional take care of you

Professional treatments can be aesthetic or medical. Aesthetic treatments are applied at beauty salons or aesthetic health centers, while medical treatments are applied at medical centers or clinics.

Aesthetic treatments

Applied by professionals at beauty salons and centers, these treatments can be adapted and customized to each patient’s needs. Products are applied topically (to the skin) and protocols cover the prevention, preparation, treatment, maintenance and follow-up stages.

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Medical treatments

Applied by medical-aesthetic specialists and dermatologists, these treatments effectively correct facial and figure aesthetic concerns. These products are applied internally (under the skin) according to tailor-made protocols. The professional selects products and regimes on a case-by-case basis.

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