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3 tips regarding moisturising cream

10 August 2017

Our facial skin needs special and more specific care than that on the rest of our body. As such, moisturising cream plays a fundamental role. The cream that we choose must meet the needs of each skin type, fight the effects of exposure to external factors and, above all, favour the skin to offer the desired hydration.

The following aspects must be taken into consideration when choosing a moisturising cream that covers all the additional requirements of facial skin:

1.       Age and skin type

Facial skin can be dry, combination or oily. The majority of people opt for products designed for combination skin. However, if skin type is professionally assessed, the results and benefits of the moisturising cream will be greatly enhanced. Age is also a determining factor when choosing a moisturising cream, as specific care is required for each age range. Mesoestetic has a moisturising cream in each anti-ageing range.

2.       External factors

The climate, daily schedules, stress and application timing, etc., are all factors that have an impact on the health of facial skin. Specific moisturising creams are available that help to reduce the consequences of those oxidising factors and that have the appropriate composition to meet skin needs. Mesoestetic products are formulated to meet the needs of each person. These include both day and night creams that optimise all the benefits of the product in each application.

3.       Properties of the skin

Even though we choose moisturising cream to hydrate our skin, a double effect that combats specific problems of each skin type is always sought. For example, we cannot use the same moisturising cream for acne-prone skin as for drier skin. For that reason, mesoestetic offers different products in its portfolio that combine hydration with whitening, brightening and regenerating properties, etc.

If you are still unsure as to what type of moisturising cream is best for your skin, our mesoestetic recommendation guide can suggest a personalised treatment for you in only 30 seconds. Try it!


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