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Adapt your beauty routine to the cold weather

09 November 2017

Do you change your beauty routine when winter arrives? Do you know which parts of your body are more sensitive to seasonal changes? Cold weather, the atmosphere, less daylight, sharp changes in temperature; these are all factors to consider when choosing your mesoestetic beauty routine for the coldest season of the year.

Our skin has different needs in winter due to the change in weather. This means paying particular attention to how our own skin adapts to seasonal changes so we can choose the most suitable beauty routine.

However, there are also some important general guidelines which should be followed at this time of year. Cold weather tends to dehydrate the skin, leaving it dry with a greater accumulation of dead cells. Therefore, exfoliation and hydration are the first two steps you must take towards caring for your skin in winter, especially on the face and hands as they get the most exposure to the low winter temperatures.

Our hair also tends to become dry and lose its natural shine, becoming more sensitive and brittle with the changes in temperature. Using shampoos which help us maintain the properties of the hair, as well as revitalising it and preventing hair loss allows us to enjoy perfect hair all year round.

What product should we use to add the finishing touch to any beauty treatment? Sunscreen. Even during the coldest and darkest months of the year, it is important to protect your face from the sun. The sun is the main cause of skin ageing and protecting your skin all year round is highly recommended.

At mesoestetic, we have designed a simple winter routine to follow with a selection of mesoestetic products for the perfect Winter beauty routine:

1.       Exfoliate: firstly, remove the dead cells and impurities which build up on the skin during the day. Depending on your skin, you could use facial gel cleanser for normal and dry skin, or hydra milk cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. The easy hydratonic lotion will help decongest the skin, and is suitable for all types of skin.

2.       Hydrate: mesoestetic offer hydrating and anti-ageing creams suitable for the various degrees of ageing. Choose the most appropriate for your age. For the body, stem cell body serum hydrates, retightens and redefines. Remember to care for your body skin too!

3.       Prevent: tricology intensive hair loss shampoo helps nutrients reach the scalp and hydrates the hair. Both men and women can combat the onset of hair loss.

4.       Protect: finally, the mesoestetic moisturising sun protection provides a high level of protection for normal and dry skin.


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