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Vitamin C in beauty treatments

21 September 2017

Vitamin C is the secret ingredient of an infallible beauty treatment. This vitamin has several properties for the skin, making it an essential element in beauty treatments. In mesoestetic, the anti-ageing energy C line combines all of these qualities, making it a “must” in any beauty routine.

For several years now, beauty gurus have been very clear that vitamin C is one of the essential ingredients in their regular creams. And what is the reason behind this devotion?

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is, principally, an agent that prevents the signs of premature ageing and illuminates the skin. It is the greatest natural ally against ageing, and it has also been proven that, by applying it to the skin, its effect lasts up to 48 hours and is 30 times more effective than when administered orally.

The energy C anti-ageing line by mesoestetic incorporates a high concentration of this vitamin, designed to combat the effects of grade one skin ageing.

The most outstanding properties of this line are:

·         Double action antioxidant: energy C neutralises free radicals and regenerates cells.

·         Illuminating effect: thanks to the vitamin C, this line improves the appearance of dark spots and prevents them from forming.

·         Softens fine wrinkles and expression lines: stimulates the production of collagen, which is the protein responsible for maintaining the natural firmness of the skin.

·         UVA and UVB photoprotection: energy C is a source of both preventive and palliative action against the oxidative damage caused by sun exposure.

The energy C line comprises the energy C intensive cream, energy C eye contour and energy C complex. Mesoestetic also offers a professional vitamin C-based antioxidant and illuminating treatment. This treatment is also completed by an energising massage technique.

Don’t wait any longer to test the effects of vitamin C and start showing off a radiant skin. This autumn, give your skin an extra glow and preserve its natural luminosity with the energy C line.



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